Company Profile


Dauphin Travel Marketing

Dauphin Travel Marketing (DTM) is one of the fastest-growing Direct Selling Entity in India. For the last 21 years, DTM has been managed by professionals who are well aware of the intricacies of an ethical Direct-selling business. The love, support, and loyalty of our Direct sellers and consumers are proof of the great heights we have reached and of our achievements. This has been possible due to the hard work, efforts, and dedication of our Direct sellers, consumers, and DTM administration.

In the true spirit of “ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE”, we are proud and thankful that more than 68 lakh members of the DTM family have grown and succeeded Collectively with us. The DTM family is the backbone of DTM. The family grows, and DTM grows. It is not vice-versa. COME, LET’S SUCCEED AND GROW TOGETHER.

Take one stride toward success



  • To create universal good health and wealth.
  • To manufacture and market quality consumer durable and non-durable products.
  • Focus on self-employment by providing opportunities to the DTM family members to become healthy and wealthy.
  • Enhance and boost the earning opportunities for all to improve the economic status of our country.


  • To become an ACE in Ethical & Legal Direct Selling/Marketing.